The Assumption Cathedral, Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery

Russia - Religion

A chart on Religion in Russia in Time magazine for May 27, 1996 shows Russian Orthodox as 71.8% of the population in Russia, Muslim 5.5%, Catholic 1.8%, Protestant 0.7%, Buddhist 0.6%, Jewish 0.3%, Other 0.9%; no affiliation 18.9%.

 Moscow Patriarchate - Official web site of the patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Russian Orthodox Church: Early History - Text from the Encyclopedia Britannica is provided here by Mikhail Soutchanski at the University of Toronto.

The Trinity-St. Sergius Monastery - A visit to the monastery which is a close equivalent to the Vatican for the Russian Orthodox Church. One of many similar resources at All Regions of Russia by Pictures.

Rublev's Trinity Icon - We provide here an opportunity for you to see and print a large image of what many consider the greatest of Russian icons: Andrei Rublev's Old Testament Trinity.

Orthodox Church in America - A good way to learn about the Russian Orthodox Church is to learn about the Orthodox Church beyond Russia. At this Web site of the Orthodox Church in America you can find many resources, including a list of all the Orthodox Churches.

Orthodox Christian Page - General information on Orthodoxy and a large collection of Russian Orthodox icons is made available here.

Kiyiv-Pechersk Lavra - Orthodoxy entered Kiev Rus' in 988. Here you can visit Kiev's "Monastery of the Caves," one of the most important sites in the early history of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Nikolai Berdyaev - (1874-1948) This Russian philosopher's work provides an introduction to many of the themes in Russian Orthodoxy.

Saint Andrew's Biblical Theological Institute - This Moscow organization conducts a broad religious education program, including publications and conferences on the leading figures in Russian  Orthodox religious thought, such as Vladimir Solovyov (1853-1900), Nikolai Berdyaev (1874-1948), and Sergei Bulgakov (1871-1944) .

Russian Philosophy Forum - An Internet resource for discussion, exchange of information, and publication in the field of Russian philosophy, much of which is concerned with religion and the Russian Orthodox tradition.

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