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Properties of Invasive Exotic Plants:

Purple Loosestrife, Garlic Mustard, Shrub Honeysuckles and Glossy Buckthorn all exhibit the characteristics of an exotic invasive plant, and if given a happy location can quickly become the dominant plant, crowding out native plants.  All will take rapid advantage of a disturbed area (such as careless logging operations, construction sites, highway ditches, etc); many are capable of invading natural areas.

  •      invasive plants produce abundant fruits and seeds
  •       invasive plants have very effective seed dispersal mechanisms
  •       invasive plants grow rapidly
  •       invasive plants are easily and rapidly established, and lack native predators
  •       invasive plants are aggressive competitors
Best Defense:
  • LEARN           --  to identify these plant
  • MONITOR     --  keep eyes out, scout likely spots
  • REMOVE       --  at first occurrence

General References on Invasive Plants