Websites devoted to Purple Loosestrife 

excellent background, a description of community involvement program , K-12 teaching materials, called the "PURPLE PAGES" is Michican State University's 

the Minnesota Department of Natural Services link,  outlines the problem, and has some dramatic before and after bio-control photos 

To find the Minnesota beetle rearing guide and link to monitoring form , check the site

one of the most comprehensive web-sites is    The site includes a section of abstracts of many of the technical papers listed on scientific references page.  is the portion of the VT Department of Environmental Conservation website devoted to purple loosestrife and the state's bio-control program, and contains annual bio-control report and a slide show intended for young folks.

Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in N. America, Resource Center of Cornell Univsersity site is
This site describes many biocontrol species, including the ones for purple loosestrife.