National Register Properties & Districts

Included below are all listed National Register properties and districts in the New Hampshire and Vermont riverside communities along the Connecticut River from the Massachusetts state line to the Canadian border. Although listed here, National Register properties and districts in the New Hampshire communities from Piermont to the Canadian border have yet to be scanned and entered. Several in Vermont are awaiting scanning as well.

The letter/number in brackets is keyed to the Connecticut River Historic Sites Datebase (CRHSD), the first set indicating the town and the second set the site.

Barnet, VT

Barnet Center Historic District [V18-283]
William & Agnes Gilkerson Farm [V18-174]
McIndoes Academy [V18-116]
Thresher Mill [V18-1]
Phineas Thurston House (The Home Farm) [V18-50]

Bath, NH

Bath Covered Bridge [N16-1] Yet to be scanned.
Brick Store [N16-2] Yet to be scanned.
Goodall-Woods Law Office [N16-3] Yet to be scanned.
Jeremiah Hutchins Tavern [N16-4] Yet to be scanned.
Swiftwater Covered Bridge [N16-5] Yet to be scanned.

Bloomfield, VT

Bloomfield-Nulhegan River Route 102 Bridge [V25-14]

Bradford, VT

Bradford Village Historic District [V15-1]
Goshen Church [V15-83]

Brattleboro, VT

Brattleboro Retreat [V02-34]
Brooks House [V02-19]
Canal Street, Clark Street Historic District. [V02-36]
Canal Street Schoolhouse #6 [V02-17]
Creamery Covered Bridge [V02-9]
Downtown Brattleboro Historic District [V02-2]
Estey Organ Building [V02-11]
Lewis Grout House [V02-199] Yet to be scanned.
Williamn Harris/Joseph Caruso House [V02-18]
Deacon John Holbrook House [V02-27]
Union Station [V02-49]

Canaan, VT

Alice M. Ward Library (Jacobs Stand) [V27-9]

Charlestown, NH

Charlestown Main Street Historic District [N06-17]
Charlestown Town Hall [N06-3]
Farwell School [N06-15]

Chesterfield, NH

Asbury Methodist Church [N02-2]

Claremont, NH

Claremont City Hall (Claremont Opera House) [N07-7]
Claremont Multiple Resources: Downtown Historic District [N07-25]
Claremont Multiple Resources: Lower Village Historic District [N07-26]
David Dexter House [N07-17]
Hunter Archaeological Site [N07-13]
Monadnock Mills [N07-23]
William Rossiter House [N07-19]
Union Episcopal Church (English Church) [N07-3]
Warehouse No 34 [N07-22]

Columbia, NH

Columbia Covered Bridge [N23-1] (also Lemington, VT)

Concord, VT

Judge David Hibbard Homestead [V20-65]

Cornish, NH

Blacksmith Shop Covered Bridge [N08-6]
Blow-Me-Down Covered Bridge [N08-8]
Salmon Portland Chase Birthplace and Boyhood Home [N08-17]
Cornish Arts Colony in Cornish and Plainfield, NH 1885-1930 - Multiple Property Listing [Pending] [N08-16] (also Plainfield, NH)
Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge [N08-5] (also Windsor, VT)
Croly-Newbold House [Pending] [N08-48]
Dingleton Hill Covered Bridge [N08-7]
First Baptist Church/Historical Society [N08-3]
Parrish-Gordon House ("Northcote") [Pending] [N08-52]
Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site [N08-4]
Louis St. Gaudens Home & Studio [N08-22]
Slade-Bulkeley House ("Dingleton House") [Pending] [N08-49]
Trinity Church [N08-2]
Walker-White House [Pending] [N08-51]
Whiting-Littell-Palmer House [Pending] [N08-50]

Dummerston, VT

Rice Farm Road Bridge [V03-18]
Naulakha (Kipling House) [V03-3]
West Dummerston Covered Bridge [V03-5]

Fairlee, VT

Ely Boston & Maine Railroad Depot (Ely) [V14-5]
Fairlee Railroad Depot [V14-51] Yet to be scanned.
Samuel Morey Memorial Bridge (also Orford, NH) [V14-7] Yet to be scanned.

Guildhall, VT

Guildhall Village Historic District [V22-22]

Hanover, NH

Great Hollow Road Stone Arch Bridge [N11-170] Yet to be scanned.
Hanover (Etna) Town Library [N11-75] Yet to be scanned.

Hartford, VT

Theron Boyd Homestead (Quechee) [V11-16]
Hartford Library (Hartford village) [V11-17]
Hartford Village Historic District [V11-25] Yet to be scanned.
Progressive Market (White River Junction) [V11-19]
Joseph and Daniel Marsh House (Quechee) [V11-73] Yet to be scanned.
Quechee Gorge Bridge (Dewey's Mills) [V11-30]
Quechee Historic Mill District [V11-54] Yet to be scanned.
Jedediah Strong II House (Dewey's Mills) [V11-18]
Veterans Administration Medical Center (White River Junction) [Pending] [V11-18]
West Hartford Bridge (West Hartford) [V11-22]
White River Junction Historic District (White River Junction) [V11-8]

Hartland, VT

Damon Hall (Three Corners) [V10-4]
Martin's Mill Covered Bridge [V10-2]
Ottauquechee River Bridge [V10-6]
David Sumner House (Three Corners) [V10-5]
Willard Covered Bridge (North Hartland) [V10-3]

Haverhill, NH

Bedell Bridge [N15-2] Yet to be scanned.
Daniel Carr House [N15-3] Yet to be scanned.
Haverhill-Bath Covered Bridge (Woodsville) [N15-1] Yet to be scanned.
Haverhill Corner Historic District [N15-4] Yet to be scanned.
Woodsville Opera Building [N15-5] Yet to be scanned.

Hinsdale, NH

Todd Block [N01-2]

Lancaster, NH

Garland Mill [N20-1] Yet to be scanned.
Mount Orne Covered Bridge [N20-2] (also Lunenburg, VT)
The Weeks Estate [N20-3] Yet to be scanned.
U.S. Post Office [N20-4] Yet to be scanned.
Wilder-Holton House [N20-5] Yet to be scanned.

Langdon, NH

Cold River Covered Bridge (McDermott Bridge) [N05-2]
Prentiss Covered Bridge [N05-3]

Lebanon, NH

Colburn Park Historic District [N10-19]
Stone Arch Underpass [N10-8]

Lemington, VT

Columbia Covered Bridge [V26-4] (also Columbia, NH)

Littleton, NH

Edward H. Lane Residence [N18-1] Yet to be scanned.
Littleton Town Building (Opera House) [N18-2] Yet to be scanned.
Thayer's Hotel [N18-3] Yet to be scanned.
U. S. Post Office and Courthouse [N18-4] Yet to be scanned.

Lunenburg, VT

Mount Orne Covered Bridge [V21-85] (also Lancaster, NH)

Lyme, NH

Moses Kent House [N12-3]
Lyme Center Historic District [N12-6]
Lyme Common Historic District [N12-7]

Newbury, VT

Bayley Historic District [V16-12]
Newbury Town House [V16-3]
Newbury Village Historic District [V16-31]
Oxbow Historic District [V16-4]
South Newbury Village Historic District [V16-25]
Wells River Graded School [V16-2]
Wells River Village Historic District [V16-108]
West Newbury Village Historic District [V16-192]
Wildwood Hall ("The Castle" - Kjellerup House) [V16-1]

Norwich, VT

Beaver Meadow Union Chapel (West Norwich) [V12-13]
Norwich Village Historic District [V12-5]

Orford, NH

Samuel Morey Memorial Bridge [N13-5] (also Fairlee, VT) Yet to be scanned.
Orford Street Historic District [N13-6]

Piermont, NH

Sawyer-Medlicott House [N14-10] Yet to be scanned.

Plainfield, NH

Cornish Arts Colony in Cornish and Plainfield, NH 1885-1930 - Multiple Property Listing [Pending] [N08-16] (also Cornish, NH)
Meriden Covered Bridge [N09-5]
Mothers' and Daughters' Club House [N09-6]
Plainfield Town Hall [N09-2]

Putney, VT

Theophilus Crawford House (Hickory Ridge House) [V04-11]
East Putney Stone Arch Bridge [V04-15]
Putney Village Historic District [V04-1]
Sacketts Brook Stone Arch Bridge [V04-16]

Rockingham, VT

Bartonsville Covered Bridge [V06-51]
Bellows Falls Downtown Historic District, (Bellows Falls) [V06-3]
Bellows Falls Island Multiple Resource Area (Bellows Falls) [V06-62]
Hall Covered Bridge (Saxtons River) [V06-38]
"Miss Bellows Falls" Diner (Bellows Falls) [V06-23]
Moore and Thompson Paper Mill Complex (Bellows Falls) [V06-18]
Oak Hill Cemetery Chapel (Bellows Falls) [V06-63]
Rockingham Meetinghouse [V06-1]
Saxtons River Historic District (Saxtons River) [V06-50]
Williams River Route 5 Bridge [V06-66]
Worrall Covered Bridge [V06-52]

Rockingham/Springfield, VT

Parker Hill Rural Historic District [V06-49] / [V07-22]

Ryegate, VT

Lind Houses [V17-96]
Whitehill House [V17-97]

Springfield, VT

Eureka Schoolhouse [V07-6]
Hartness House [V07-3]
Lockwood-Boynton/Brookwood Estate (North Springfield) [V07-76]
General Lewis R. Morris/Barry/Mollica House [V07-14]
Springfield Downtown Historic District [V07-4]
Stellafane Observatory [V07-70]

Thetford, VT

Peabody Library (Post Mills) [V13-7]
Post Mills Church/Post Mills Meeting House (Post Mills) [V13-6]
Thetford Center Covered Bridge [V13-20]
Thetford Center Historic District [V13-59]
Thetford Hill Historic District [V13-2]
Union Village Covered Bridge (Union Village) [V13-19]

Vernon, VT

Advent Chapel/Pond Road Chapel [V01-5]

Walpole, NH

Drewsville Mansion [N04-106]
Walpole Academy [N04-5]

Waterford, VT

The Curran Farm (West View Farm) [V19-49]
Lee Farm complex [V19-3]

Weathersfield, VT

Historic Crown Point Road / Indian Road [V08-7]
Upper Falls Covered Bridge (Downers) [V08-8]
Weathersfield Center Historic District [V08-3]

Westminster, VT

Westminster Village Historic District [V05-13]

Westmoreland, NH

High Tops School (Schoolhose No 9) [N03-5]
Park Hill Meeting House [N03-1]

Windsor, VT

Twing Buckman House [V09-165] Yet to be scanned.
Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge [V09-61] (also Cornish, NH)
Fowler-Steele House/Ivy Hall [V09-62]
Juniper Hill Farm-Maxwell Evarts House [V09-63]
NAMCO Block [V09-59]
The Old Constitution House [V09-11]
Robbins and Lawrence Armory and Machine Shop/American Precision Museum [V09-60]
Windsor House [V09-3]
Windsor Village Historic District [V09-65]