One day this old vet will sit atop a vast and nimble collection of American History links.  But for the moment, he just sits there shaking his grizzled head.  First question you need to ask yourself is, do you really want to be here? 


indexes of US History sites Basically a collection of collections; many are maintained by major universities, others are built by individuals, interest groups, secondary schools, museums and historical associations.  
US History Documents
Sites which are mainly collections of primary source documents: speeches, letters, essays, journals, etc.
US History: artwork, photos & maps What it sounds like;  remember that the usefulness of theses images to you may  be limited by your printer capabilities!  
Colonial Era Sites
Includes pre-Columbian history, the slave trade, the Revolutionary War, and the Constitution; this excellent and extensive list is from the University of Kansas
Revolutionary War Era
Once again, unabashed plagiarism, borrowed shamelessly from the University of Kansas site
19th Century & Civil War
Hmm.  These must be sites mainly concerning the 1800's
20th Century Uh... the 1900's?  


Indexes of US History sites 

The Library of Congress   Plenty of stuff here; especially useful is the American Memory site, a searchable magazine-style homepage for US History and culture 

University of Kansas  Gigantic.  At 28.8 speed, give it nearly a minute.  It opens at the general US History section, from which you can scroll down to various chronological and thematic sub-sections.  Worth the wait. 

D. Boals American History  Excellent links, with good descriptions; designed for teachers, but lots of good stuff here for projects 

History Links from U. of Indiana

Federal agency resources: social studies   Your tax dollars at work; excellent history sources mixed in with a zillion other things; has good search engine

US History Documents

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School   Wow!  An extensive database of documents, mainly on US History.  And this stuff is free!? 

Groningen's US History Documents   Weird.  A Dutch university puts together one of the best sites for American history documents.  Lots here, and well-organized, by era
Perno's Primary Sources    Nice little collection maintained by an A.P. teacher in Florida 

Douglass: Great Speeches    Site includes famous speeches and writings from such historical figures as Jane Addams, John Calhoun, and Frederick Douglass. 

The American 1950's    A large, well-organized collection maintained by the University of Pennsylvania 

US History: artwork, photos & maps
    zippo. I'll get to it eventually.

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Revolutionary War Era (again, sorry about the busted links)

19th Century & Civil War 

20th Century