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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? ending February 26, 2010

Kilton Library, West Lebanon Kilton Library, West Lebanon

These are the windows in the upper story of the new Kilton Library in West Lebanon.

Becky Luce, Dexter Cooper, Kelley Dole, Walter, Wesley Leuthauser, and Ben Moore were the first correct guesses among the 35 or so guesses on this one.


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This feature ran on the ValleyNet website from January, 2001 to the end of February, 2010. Thanks for all the guesses and suggestions for photos. We featured over 125 photos taken in the Upper Valley (and in one case from the sky above the Upper Valley).

Most of the photos in this series were taken by Bob Raiselis, who was also the editor for the series. Photos were also taken by other ValleyNet staff members and some by members of the public who just liked a good guessing game.

This has been fun. Thanks.

Bob Raiselis
February, 2010