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Stone Arch Underpass, Lebanon Stone Arch Underpass, Lebanon

Photographs: Cara Corpieri


From the listing in the National Register of Historic Places on the Connecticut River Joint Commissions website,

Skillfully built of loose stone blocks, the Stone Arch bridge is the only one of Lebanon's railroad bridges to survive, relatively unchanged after over 125 years of heavy traffic....

A unique structure, there are not known to be any similar stone arch railroad bridges of this age and proportion in the area.

Built under the direction of Northern Railroad engineers, the designer of the bridge is not known for certain but may have been H.R. Campbell, chief engineer of the Northern Railroad who superintended construction of numerous bridges in the area from about 1848-1859.


How can anyone identify a bridge from a photo of a handful of stones? Anyhow, plenty of people recognized the bridge, probably because everyone driving through it has to look pretty carefully. The first correct guesses were from Emily Buskey, David Madison, Miguel Graves, Connie Snyder, and Ben Moore. One guesser thought it was behind the Tuck and Thayer area of Dartmouth College; as it turns out, that was a different Where in the Valley.

We had almost 50 correct guesses on this one.