Where in the Valley - Traffic Calming Roundabout, Hanover

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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for November 4 to December 22, 2005

Traffic Calming Roundabout, Hanover Traffic Calming Roundabout, Hanover

Photographs: Bob Raiselis

Well, this one was fun. We had about 125 guesses, almost everyone guessed correctly, and many people expressed an opinion about this new traffic feature near the new school north of Hanover. Some examples:

  • The (infamous) rotary on route 10

  • Hanover's absurd new Route 10 "round-a-bout"

  • Roundabout in Hanover, Lyme Road. What a great idea! Does anyone agree?

  • Ohmygolly! Surely this will generate the most correct answers you've ever received!

  • Popular in Europe, not so in Hanover!

  • That new horrible round-about...

Marie Wesson, Lucy Gibson, Jack Taylor, Vera Mallary, and Philip Eller submitted the first correct guesses. Thanks to everyone for joining in!