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Lewiston Train Station

Lewiston Train Station

Photographs: Bob Raiselis

Ok, this isn't really a "vintage" photograph, but we bet it looks a lot like what it might have looked like 75 years ago. It's the train station in the old village of Lewiston (now part of Norwich). From Scott Meacham's page at :

The cluster of buildings across the Connecticut River from Hanover was once a village unto itself. Lewiston stood just on the Vermont side of the Ledyard Bridge and was centered around a rail station that served the area as a crucial transport hub... in 1884 the B&M built the 24 x 54 depot that still stands in the village, now a private club. The railroad station was the key to Lewiston's importance and tied the village intimately to Hanover and Dartmouth in particular.

This station must look a lot like the station in Enfield, because about many of the guesses were that the photo was taken there. From 70 or so guesses in total, the first of the correct ones were from Ila Sellingham, John Creagh, John Vansant, JA, and Jay Rimmel.