Where in the Valley - Window sculpture at CHaD, DHMC, Lebanon

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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for September 17 to October 15, 2004

Window sculpture at CHaD, DHMC, Lebanon

Window sculpture at CHaD, DHMC, Lebanon

Photographs: Bob Raiselis

These are wonderful window sculpture pieces at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital, in the new 6th floor waiting area. There are 6 of these I Spy window sculptures, created by Skyline Design from lumicast materials, sea glass, and over 200 objects provided by community members.

Rhonda White, Anne Beaman, Philip Eller, Lori Fortini, Marcy Sanborn, Doreen Bowlin, Amy Nachman were the first to correctly identify where in the valley you would find these.

Anne Beaman pointed out that "...these and many other interesting, visually appealing, and sometimes hands-on displays and features are part of the hospital's effort to make the pediatric department a quietly entertaining and non-threatening place for children and their parents, while they wait for medical attention..."

We had a little over 60 guesses, 52 of them were correct. Kelly C. Griggs guessed

We have all heard of it "raining frogs," "raining fish," or, "raining cats and dogs." Well, someone actually got of photo of the run off of a roof during the recent, extremely rare, storm where it rained assorted small objects... For some reason, the sale of umbrellas was amazing the next day...

There were 6 guesses that this was taken at the Montshire Museum. It wasn't, but the Montshire was involved in the CHaD project and has some exhibits there as well!