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American Precision Museum, Windsor

When more people are telling you that it is time to post a new Where in the Valley photo than are guessing what the photo is, it's time to change it. This photo has been up for a while, but we've only gotten a handful of correct responses.

This is the cupola on the top of the American Precision Museum in Windsor. The Robbins & Lawrence Armory Building was constructed in 1846 of handmade brick with interior timber framing and serves as a classic example of mid-19th century factory architecture. The building has been selected as a National Historic Site by the United States Department of the Interior and as an International Mechanical Engineering Heritage site by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The Museum preserves the heritage of the mechanical arts, celebrates the ingenuity of our mechanical forebears, and explores the effects of their work on our everyday lives. It's open for visitors in the spring, summer, and fall; visit their website at

Out of 24 guesses total, we had correct guesses only from Dan Hertzler, Philip Jarvis, and Bill Ballantyne. Congratulations, gentlemen!

American Precision Museum, Windsor
Photographs: Bob Raiselis