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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for October 1 to November 11, 2003

Blow-Me-Down Grange Blow-Me-Down Grange

In 1839, the Union Congregational Church Society bought a half acre of land from Jeremiah Dow on the east side of the main street in Plainfield Village. Colonel Charles Eggleston, a local resident famous for the building of brick structures, built their meeting house. This fifty-foot by forty-foot structure was also known as Old South Church, but is now best known as the Blow-Me-Down Grange.
The Blow Me Down Grange in Plainfield village has been completely restored over the past several years. The 1839 buildin is now on the National Register of Historic Places.
This was a difficult one; the only correct answers were submitted by David Grobe, Sue Jones, Laura Ward, Dexter Cooper, Dee Geno, Denise Shibles, Emily Buskey, Bob Lucier, Jeff Allbright, and Judy Macnab.

Blow-Me-Down Grange
Photographs: Bob Raiselis