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Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge

This is the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge. From the Connecticut River Historic Sites Database & Connecticut River Heritage Trails online database, we note that

James F. Tasker of Cornish and Bela J. Fletcher of nearby Claremont signed a contract on 3 April 1866 for the construction of the present bridge ...

Tasker, who was an intuitive engineer able neither to read nor to write, directed the work. He used an adaptation of the Town lattice truss, substituting six-by-eight inch timbers for the usual planks in the lattices. The structure was framed initially in a Windsor meadow to the northwest of the site. Construction took about seven months; the bridge was opened to traffic probably in late October or early November of 1866

The bridge is 450 feet long; the sign says "WALK YOUR HORSES OR PAY TWO DOLLARS FINE".

T. Williams, Philip Eller, Marcia B Cook, Peter Griggs, Ellie Marshall, and Dexter Cooper were the first of about 100 people to correctly identify this location.

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge
Photographs: Bob Raiselis