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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for August 15 to September 4, 2003

Damon Hall, Hartland VT

This is the date above the main entrance to Damon Hall in Hartland, Vermont. From the very excellent Connecticut River Historic Sites Database & Connecticut River Heritage Trails online database,

Damon Hall constitutes an outstanding Colonial Revival style town hall that belongs among the last generation of monumental public buildings in Vermont. Designed by H. F. Beckwith and erected in 1914-15, the building represents the civic spirit and philanthropy of the Damon family then resident in Hartland. William E. Damon pursued a successful business career in New York, and after his death in 1911 his family presented the Town of Hartland with a new community center in his memory. The classically detailed brick building holds particular interest for the stamped-metal sheathing applied nearly throughout the interior, including the auditorium with full stage that dominates the interior plan.

Jerry Burns, Dexter Cooper, Elaine Brousseau, Zach, Margie Cook, Cordie Merritt, Darryl Calkins, and Patricia Peat correctly identified this Upper Valley location.

Damon Hall, Hartland VT
Photographs: Bob Raiselis