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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for April 15 to April 30, 2003

Ski Jump Commemorative, Hanover
This is a commemorative marker showing where the old wooden ski jump used to be in Hanover, now the site of the country club. The ski jump stood in that spot from 1922 to 1993.

John Creagh, Dan Thompson, Rebecca Power, Terence Walz, Mollie Hughes, and Peter Griggs were the first to correctly identify this location. Out of about 70 guesses, roughly half were correct, and most of the other guessers thought that this was at the Storrs Hill ski area.

Pete Tenney noted that "...this is a detail from the plaque commemorating the Dartmouth College ski jump on the golf course grounds. The plaque itself is positioned roughly where a jumper would have leapt into the air. It is just visible from Route 10, across the fairways opposite the Co-op Mobil."

Ski Jump Commemorative, Hanover
Photographs: Ron Boehm