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Billings Farm

This is one of the farm buildings at the Billings Farm in Woodstock.

The Billings Farm was established in 1871 by Frederick Billings, a native Vermonter who became known for his work as a lawyer, conservationist, pioneer in reforestation and scientific farm management, and railroad builder. Billings set out to make his 270-acre farm a model dairy operation. In 1884 he hired George Aitken, an innovative and successful professional farm manager. The farm imported cattle directly from the Isle of Jersey, kept careful records of milk production, and bred selectively to improve the herd. Deeply concerned with the desperate condition of Vermont's forest cover, Billings planted more than 10,000 trees in the Woodstock area, putting into practice ideas that were proposed by an earlier resident of the farm, George Perkins Marsh. Marsh is widely recognized as one of this country's first conservationists.

The information above is from their website at, which has lots more historical information and details about visiting the farm.

Not many guesses on this one; Tim Semple, royandlynn, Philip Eller, Gillian Lang and Robenn B. Robb had the correct guesses out of about a dozen total.

Billings Farm
Photographs: Ron Boehm