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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for July 15 to August 1, 2002

Taftsville Hydro Station

This is the hydro station in Taftsville, Vermont, just East of Woodstock. It's a 500 kW station (it can produce a half-million watts of power), and is operated by Central Vermont Public Service.

Almost everyone knew that it was some kind of power station, but the range of answers was quite amazing, and many people were sure that their (incorrect) guesses were correct. Lots of people thought it was the hydro station in West Lebanon, but we also had guesses that it was in Springfield, Bradford, the Rivermill Complex, Wilder, and Windsor.

Mill Moore, Tim Semple, Jim Heimarck, Donna Durkee, Sally Lambert, Karen Martin, Frank Fomkin, Janet Gould, Katherine Pond, Jarrod Kurash, David Lavie, Scott Martin, and Carol E. Sheldon had the only correct answers out of about 70 guesses in total.

Taftsville Hydro Station
Photographs: Ron Boehm