Where in the Valley - Citizens Bank Building, Lebanon

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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for April 9 to May 8, 2002

Citizens Bank Building, Lebanon

This was one of those "everyone has seen it but no one knows were it is" photos. We left this one up for a long time, because we were so surprised that it was so difficult to identify.

Out of 52 guesses, only 9 people correctly identified this location as being on the backside of the Citizens Bank building in downtown Lebanon. Perhaps 30 people identified this clock as being the one on the F.W.Webb building on Route 120 - you can see a photograph of that clock on our Where in the Valley - F.W. Webb, Lebanon NH page (yes, we already did that one!)

Sandy Daigle, Beverly J. Ibey, Linda Anderson, Jayne Spooner, Sally Page, Phill Collins, JForward, Nan Reed, and Philip Eller aren't the only people in the Upper Valley who see this clock every day, but were the only ones to correctly identify it here. Nice work!

Citizens Bank Building, Lebanon
Photographs: Bob Raiselis