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Olympic Torch Ice Sculpture
Photograph: Bob Raiselis

This great ice sculpture was created for the journey of the Olympic Torch through White River Junction on its way to the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. Armand Gauthier of Hartford, VT and William Nutt of Enfield, NH were asked as volunteers to carve the sculpture of as part of the Salt Lake Olympic Torch Relay event held Saturday, December 29th, 2002. They started off with a heap of rock hard snow (from the Hartford Municipal Ice Arena ice shavings) at 9am and finished the wonderful sculpture at 2pm, ready for the ceremony the next day.

Mary Anne Rankin, Donna Durkee, Lois Allen, Linn Allen Morrill, Sandy Daigle, Jim Lemire, Jeanette, Barbara Duclos, Angela Santavicca, Ken Parker, Becky Luce, Robert Ammel, and Miguel Hornstopper correctly identified the subject and the location.

Thanks to Tad Nunez of the Hartford Rec Department for the information on the sculpture. It really was great to see the torch come through the Upper Valley...

Olympic Torch Ice Sculpture