Where in the Valley - GDT at Centerra, Lebanon

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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for September 18 to September 28, 2001

GDT at Centerra, Lebanon
Photograph: Ron Boehm

What a great window for a company that makes maps! This window is in the corporate headquarters of Geographic Data Technology at Centerra Park in Lebanon. GDT makes digital maps (you see their stuff everywhere on the Internet- lots of the map sites use their data).

We didn't realize that so many people knew where this window was- very few incorrect guesses, and most people went out of their way to tell us whose office this window was in! (ask someone who works at GDT to find out).

We had correct guesses from Marjorie Cook, John Creagh, Alan Greatorex, Mark Beliveu, Patrick Dunfey, Jonathan Edwards, Sarah Remick, Max, Dave Schowalter, Dave Robbins, Andrew B. Ballantine, Mary Anne Rankin, Nan Reed, Deb Mccaffrey, Jay Clark, Cheryl Connally, Douglas Morse, Victoria Gage, and Sara Ferguson.

GDT at Centerra, Lebanon