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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for August 17 to August 25, 2001

Old 494, White River Junction
Photograph: Bob Raiselis

Boston & Maine 4-4-0 (American type) steam locomotive No. 494 was built by the Manchester Locomotive Works, in Manchester, NH in July of 1892.  It was one of a series of eight 4-4-0s ordered by the B&M at that time, builder's numbers 1543-1550, and railroad numbers 481-498. 

The engine was retired in the mid 1930s, was displayed at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

In 1956, the engine was moved to the Westboro Round House in West Lebanon, NH, after which it went to White River Junction for permanent display.  In July of 1957, the B&M No. 494 was formally dedicated to the town of Hartford, VT.

A site with lots of information about the engine's history and its ongoing restoration is available at

Steven Glazer, John Creagh, Katherine F. Pond, Elmer Gattie, Rene Hazelton were the first to correctly identify this Upper Valley location. Lots of correct guesses on this one, including a correct guess from Seattle WA (Armando Stettner) and a correct guess from London, England (Simon Carr)!

Old 494, White River Junction