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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for July 19 to July 27, 2001

Covered Bridge, Union Villiage
Photograph: Bob Raiselis

We've no idea how so many people identified this one. There must be half a dozen covered bridges in the Upper Valley, they all look almost the same on the inside (to us), and we don't think anyone saw us take this picture...

Marjorie Cook, Louise Tyson, Faith Childs, Katherine F. Pond, Connie Filbin, and Connie Snyder were the first to correctly identify this as the covered bridge in Union Village. Ms. Pond wrote:

"You never realize how many covered bridges are in an area until you want to identify a specific one, but I THINK this is the Union Village bridge over near the dam!"

Good guess!

Covered Bridge, Union Villiage