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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for March 22 to April 2, 2001

Westboro Train Yard
Photograph: Ron Boehm

From the City of Lebanon's site at

WESTBORO YARD AND ROUNDHOUSE. RAILROAD AVENUE, was originally named the West Lebanon Station, but due to accidents, all stations were renamed and given one-word names to eliminate confusion. The first train arrived in Lebanon on November 17, 1847, and was the force behind Lebanon's early development.

Even before we made this one a bit easier, Kevin French and Coleman Kelleher correctly identified it. Later correct guesses were by Peter Stettenheim, Al Besaw, J. Spooner, Earl Elsea, Ray Buskey, John Creagh, Katherine F. Pond L. Potwin, George L. Kachikis, Gunnar Shaw, And Joan Monroe.

Westboro Train Yard