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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for March 1 to March 8, 2001

Blood Brook Railroad Bridge
Photograph: Bob Raiselis

This was a good one- pretty much everyone recognized the bridge as being the railroad bridge across the lagoon just north of the Montshire Museum. We spoke with Gen Williamson of Norwich about the bridge:

The bridge originally spanned Blood Brook, which emptied into the Connecticut River not too far from it. Before the interstate was built there was a road (Mill Road) that veered off just after the Ledyard Bridge and went alongside the brook, quite close to this railroad bridge. Mill Road still exists on the west side of the interstate, but the part that connected near the Ledyard bridge got chopped off when the interstate was built.

When the Interstate was built, the lagoon was created; Blood Brook empties into the lagoon further to the west now.

The first half-dozen correct guesses were by Jim Tyson, Dustin Morse, Doug Miller, Barbara Duclos, Katherine F. Pond, and Alice Gollnick.

Blood Brook Railroad Bridge