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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for March 1 to March 8, 2001

Campbell-Carter House Lions
Photograph: Ron Boehm

No, not the lions in front of the Lyme Elementary School (can someone take a picture of those and send it along, so we can compare?). And, we had two (!) guesses that this was a lion at the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury (do they have a lion there? we remember the polar bear...).

Nope, this lion (and others) is found in downtown Lebanon. From the very excellent "Connecticut River Historic Sites Database" at

Carter Homestead, (Campbell-Carter House, 1 Bank Street), 1848 and 1895. Ammi B. Young, Architect (1848).

...Two gilt reclining lions flank the front walk. Embraced by the Carter Family as their symbol, the house was also known as "Lionhurst" during their residency. The lion form is also visible in the Carter Fountain, west of the house, in the middle of Park Street. Owned and operated by the Marion J. Carter Trust, the structure houses the collections of the Lebanon Historical Society and serves as a community meeting space for several other organizations.

This was certainly the most difficult so far. David Madison hit it right on the nose, identifying the Carter House by name. We're pretty sure that Barbara Duclos and Baci also had it right, although they didn't exactly name the location. But, they know that the lion was in front of a house in Lebanon, and that'll do.

Campbell-Carter House Lions