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Here is the answer for Where in the Valley...? for February 19 - February 26, 2001

Norwich Library
Photograph: Bob Raiselis

Nope, not the Hood Museum of Art! The sculpture is called "Fiddleheads", by Vermont sculptor Jim Sardonis, and you can find it near the entrance to the Norwich Public Library. It was given by the family of the late Herb Brown, who was a devoted patron of the library and a board member at one point.

Fiddleheads was installed shortly before the library reopened in the summer of 1999 after its renovation and expansion. It is engraved with a quote from Raph Waldo Emerson:"If we can touch the imagination, we serve."

More information on the art of Jim Sardonis is available at

The first several correct guesses were submitted by Louise Tyson, Ted Jerome, Marjorie Cook, Phyllis Green, April Andrews, Steve Foltz, Corlan Johnson.

Norwich Library