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Old Soldiers Memorial Building
Photograph: Ron Boehm

Jacob A. Buskey had the most complete identification- he said that it was ..." Lebanon NH , Park Street, "GAR" Hall at the Old Soldiers Memorial Building front lawn. Man is leaning on a musket. The large shells near by are from the "Maine" ... Remember the Maine ?

Also in the half-dozen correct answers were Mill Moore, Jon Blodgett, Rick Goodwin, Annette Jenks, and Nan Reed.

From the excellent Connecticut River Historic Sites Database & Connecticut River Heritage Trails []

Soldiers Memorial Building, (North Park Street), 1886-1890. Ferdinand Davis, Architect.
Reportedly the first building of its kind in the state, this two story brick structure was designed by a local veteran and architect as a memorial to veterans of all wars. Set on a granite foundation, the brick exterior laid in a stretcher bond and measures three bays across and four bays deep, capped by a slate hip roof.Marking the central entrance is a projecting low gable archway fronted by three granite steps. Characteristic of the Queen Anne style, decorative brickwork adorns the building including a course of soldier brick on edge between stories, gauged brick arches on the second floor flanked by soldier brick and a band of continuous brick corbelling at the cornice. Projecting from the top of the facade is a gabled parapet supported by two corbels flanking the central stained glass window on Polychromatic terracotta tiles fill the gable in checkerboard fashion, brick colored terra cotta also forms the gable capped by a finial and forms panels which read "Soldiers Memorial Building" and "1886". Decorative brick patterns and terra cotta rondelles and tiles also decorate the central archway. Above the natural wood panelled doubledoors is a stained glass lunette window. First floor windows are 2/2 doublehung with granite sills and lintels. The stained glass windows above have granite sills and were added after the building was completed. They include Masonic & Oddfellow windows, with others donated by families including one in memory of a local woman, Mary Kimball. Those on the east elevation were damaged by a hurricane and one was subsequently replaced. The central window was donated by the Relief Corps. The building is capped by a slender rectangular brick chimney located at the front of the roof ridge behind a louvered gable. The building was built almost entirely of local materials including brick and slate with oak from Storrs Hills used for the panelling. Only glass, hardware and terra cotta were not from Lebanon. Designed in 1884, the cornerstone was laid in 1886 with the dedication in 1890. In front of the building to the west, is a statue of a soldier added in 1891 as a gift of Colonel Frank Churchill, it was restored in 1973 To the east is a pile of cannonballs with two shells from the Spanish American War, Battleship Maine flanking the walk.


Old Soldiers Memorial Building