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Has anyone seen our dog?

I'm not so sure about the new zoning regulation for the village - let me tell you about my concerns...

Wanted: young person to help us rake leaves. We'll pay $9/hour, and will need help this coming Saturday afternoon...


Part of ValleyNet's mission is to encourage community engagement using the Internet, and we'd like to help the residents of your community or neighborhood stay in touch with each other on a personal basis.

ValleyNet manages several email discussion lists for local communities. These email lists allow members of a community to post and respond to messages about local governmental issues, questions for the school board, recycling announcements, even questions about lost or found pets. When you subscribe to your local list, you begin to receive (via email) messages that are posted, or you can view them on the web. It's a great way to keep up with what's happening in your town, and ValleyNet acts as a neutral list administrator.

Each list has a set of guidelines about who can post and subscribe to the list, and about general list behavior. The main points of these guidelines are:

These lists are not "official" town discussion lists, and are not set up by the town's government.

The goal of these discussion lists is create a sense of community and neighborhood for the residents of a town or group of towns. Announcements of community events open to the public, notices about town govenment, and discussions about current topics in town are encouraged.

The intent is to keep the discussions on and about each town. The issue doesn't need to be unique to the town, but it must be specific to the town.

For example,

  • Announcement of an event to be held in town is ok.
  • Discussion of a school district issue that affects town residents is ok.
  • Discussion of legislation in the at the state or federal level is ok if it addresses a town issue.
  • Announcement of a pet lost in town is ok.
  • Discusssion of the national politics in the context of a warned town meeting resolution is ok.

No abusive or threatening postings will be allowed. These discussion lists operate on the assumption that list postings will be civil and respectful to other list members. Anyone engaging in what the administration of ValleyNet considers to be abusive language or threats directed towards another list member will be warned the first time, and will have posting privileges revoked after that. If the first incident is serious enough, the list member will have their posting privileges revoked immediately.

Because these discussion lists are set up for the convenience of the community, occasional business announcements will be tolerated (new business in town, information about a business service offered in conjunction with a public event, or a one-time listing about babysitting or housesitting). In no case should any business (small or large) use one of these discussion lists for ongoing business promotion, and doing so will result in a warning and the possibility of having posting privileges revoked.

Please note that it is the intent for these discussion lists to center on issues and events directly affecting a particular town. While anyone is welcome to subscribe to and read these discussions, we ask that only residents, representatives of town government, and representatives of organizations and businesses located in town post to the list associated with their town. It is not a venue for general announcements about Upper Valley events from those not connected with the town.

It is inappropriate to post the content of any private correspondence to any list, without the express permission of all correspondents involved.

The administration of ValleyNet, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently exclude any list subscriber for any abuse or infringement of these list rules and guidelines, depending upon the severity of the infraction.

Each town discussion list has a similar set of guidelines, and as a list subscriber you should be familiar with them. If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines or about how another subscriber is using the discussion list, please bring them to the attention of ValleyNet by writing to

We at ValleyNet are interested in making this service available to additional towns. All we require is at least one "champion" in your community to help spread the word about the list, but more than one person can share this duty. The local "champions" will help ValleyNet let people know about the new community lists, and will help local residents to get signed up and to get the most from the service. You needn't be a member of ValleyNet to suggest or subscribe to a list.

If you are interested in helping to develop a community email discussion list for your town, contact

For information about existing email lists that we host, visit our Community Discussion Lists page.